Saturday, 17 October 2015

Birdlip Playtime!

Well, it's been a long time since I wrote on this blog but work takes precedence and finding the time to do trials reports has been a problem lately.  So, what's new?  Well, I've done a lot of fettling to NT410.  

Lots of rock practice at Birdlip & some airborne moments!
The Maxton shocks came off and were serviced at the factory.  I opted to go for slightly lighter springs as the original ones were designed for Dave Dawson who is somewhat taller than myself.  These seem to be working fine and the rear end tracks a lot better although I think there's room to go for a lighter weight still.  The tracking issue was further solved by moving the wheel over slightly in the swinging arm and it has made a noticeable difference in slick conditions particularly, on wet, muddy roots.
Getting NT410 airborne at Birdlip

I was suffering from sore wrists after riding so decided to buy some S3 handlebar clamps and move over to Jitsie fatbars.  The S3 clamps allow for a wide range of adjustment which has alleviated the pain.  It was weird getting used to the fatbars but I think I prefer them to the Alan Whitton clamps and Renthal crossbrace bars I was using before.  They look pretty nice too.

I tidied up the front brake cable using a smaller gauge wire which is much more easier to route through the Alan Whitton cable guide on the number board and on the mudguard risers.  I bought them a while ago but waited until I got the cable sorted first.  I swear the braking is much, much better now but that could just be wishful thinking on my part!  I got rid of the front fork gaiters as they were looking tired and bought some new Marzocchi dust covers from SWM to protect the seals.  I think the forks are much more responsive now and I'd be loathed to go back to gaitered forks.
"Who put that log there?!"

I added some "bling" by moving over to titanium fasteners on non load bearing surfaces which not only makes the bike look nicer but takes some weight off (not that I'm able to detect it mind!).  I bought some Raptor Titanium footrests however, when I took my old aluminium ones off and weighed them up against the Raptors, the ally ones were so much lighter so they've stayed on for now!  I'm not sure what to do with the Raptor ones now.  Talking of titanium, I'm currently waiting to receive two new titanium wheel spindles which are currently being fabricated.  

That's it for NT410 for now although development and fettling continues.  I've been doing some work on El Diablo, the ex-Tony Sullivan G80C so hopefully that will be making an appearance later this year!  I have been doing some trials and made it out for the Exmoor two-day classic, the EUROCUP two-day classic and the Dartmoor two-day classic all of which were outstanding events and I'll try to get a report done on all three when I have time.  In the meantime I'll put some photos courtesy of my friend Heath Brindley which he took during our practice playtime at Birdlip back in August. 

Bye for now!

Air turn at the top of a bank for the camera!

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