Sunday, 2 June 2013

2 JUN 13 - Garage Day!

With the van in the garage for drive shaft work I decided to get to grips with the jetting on NT410.  It’s been bugging me for ages however, as the bike always behaves perfectly fine in sections, I haven’t been keen to do any alterations.  It meant missing Golden Valley Classic’s club trial at Tinkley Lane but that has never been one of my favourite venues.  Anyway, I’ll keep you up to date with how the work progresses and hopefully, I'll be able to cure my niggly carburation problems!

Carb apart and a selection of Main Jets
I’ve only just noticed that the Hereford Classic Trials Club (HCTC) have a website on the blogger domain.  There’s information about the club, forthcoming events and results on their site.  I have book marked the link on the left hand side of this blog or you can take a look HERE.  Why not book mark the URL or subscribe and keep up to date with the latest information from this great Classic club.  Their next event is at The Platch, Ewyas Harold near Pontilas on the 16th of June.  Full details on their website.

A common search which attracts a few people to this website concerns dates for the Cheltenham auto jumble and as luck would have it there’s one next week at the popular racecourse venue.  Dates for 2013 are as follows:-

June 8th
August 17th
October 12th
December 21st  (which is handy for Christmas shopping!)

Me on the ex-Alan Saunders 350 at
Sallywood Park in 2010

There’s some other great trials coming up too; The Eurocup two dayer is only a month away and hopefully the Cowcombe Wood venue will be in peak condition.  The week before this trial is the 32nd British Bike Bonanza at Sallywood Park near Horsley.  Unfortunately, there’s no road trial this year so there will be two trials in Sallywood itself.  The British Bike Bonanza trial (incorporating a round of the Rickman Championship) gets away at 1000 while the Gordon Jackson historic sporting trial begins at 1630.  I must confess to being disappointed with no road work this year however, it does give you the chance to do both trials!!!