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16 Oct 11 Zona1 MCC John Workman Trial

Eyeing up the step in Sub 9

Being a Zona1 MCC member I decide to have a rare Sunday morning lie in and take the short drive to Nettleton quarry for the John Workman trial.  I phoned my entry in on Saturday and, having printed off the entry form, signing on is a piece of cake.  It’s a full factory outing and I’m joined by Dave Arkell (Ariel HT500), Nige Townsend (410 AJS), Pete Collins (350 AJS rigid) and Ken Wallington (410 Matchless).  We all elect to ride the Sportsman route which is designated for the Pre-65 entry.

The summit of Sub 2

Despite being a modern club Zona1 always welcome Pre-65 riders and with a wealth of experience and talent on hand, the sportsman sections are laid out perfectly for the big bikes once again.   

The sportsman route riders begin at Sub 6 and initially the Pre-65 riders stick together.  The deep, winding and rocky gulley ends with a short uphill run to the ends cards and we all begin with a clean.  Sub 7 features a man-made gully that is a bit tight for the wide crankcases of the pre-65 entry however, the sides are pretty soft so I gas NT410 up and power through for a clean.  The loose earth and banks of Sub 8 ride surprisingly well and the sinuous Sub 9, despite looking tricky rides fine. 

Sub 1 turns out to be the trickiest.  The tight twists and turns through a rocky gap which scratches and gouges crankcases and eats gear levers demands respect.  We all take a penalty here and I record a dab on lap 3 in order to avoid ripping my gear lever off.  Sub 3 was a little too easy but on reflection, I think we all may have misinterpreted the section incorrectly.  However, since we all rode the same route it doesn’t affect the outcome. 

In the turn at Sub 3

I ride pretty well and record a single dab for the day’s efforts and take the Pre-65 win, recording a rare victory over the rest of the factory.  Nige is getting used to his short-stroke AJS riding well to beat Dave Arkell.  Pete Collins rode extremely well on the big rigid and Ken continues to improve.

Pre-65 Results: John Jacka 1, Nige Townsend 10, Dave Arkell 13, Pete Collins 22, Ken Wallington 48

It’s clear that a lot of development work has gone into this venue and there are lots of big logs and newly arrived Cotswold stone available at the venue.  After the trial I tackle the logs and have a go at the “log box”; it’s internal dimensions are only a few inches bigger than the Matchless so it’s pretty difficult to get out but good fun nonetheless. 
Making use of the new
logs on site!

Heath Brindley has his camera on hand and we head over to sub 6 for a bit of airborne Tomfoolery.  After eyeing up the terrain and landing site I jump NT410 over the gulley a couple of times.  It’s great fun and a fitting end to a great run out.

Thank you to Andy Coulbourne for kind use of his picture of NT410 in Sub 9.

Thank you to Mike Yiend Motorsports photography for the rest of the pictures.  Why not support your local photographer and visit Mike's website; he took 145 photos on the day so you're bound to be in there somewhere.  Click the link below or use the link on the sidebar.

Mike Yiend:

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