Sunday, 14 August 2011

Aug 13 Cheltenham Auto Jumble

It’s not raining and I fancy taking the 350 for a spin.  Where better than the Cheltenham Auto Jumble.  I’m pleased to report that THB events do discounts for servicemen and it’s well worth the £3 entry fee.  I leave home around 1030 and ride the bike inside leaning it against an electricity distribution box on arrival.  I have a wander around and pick up a selection of second hand AF spanners out of a box and get some new vinyl numbers (only to discover I’ve got lots of spare vinyl numbers at home!).

The 350 Matchless gets a run out

There’s lots of people about including a fair smattering of foreign visitors and I notice a Dutch gentleman buying a stack of old Motorcycle magazines from Bob Greenhough.  Teflon and Pete Collins are in attendance and they both agree to have a go at sorting the front brake out on NT410 which is a great relief.

It’s good to see Tony Sullivan at the autojumble; amongst some Montesa twin-shock bikes he’s got his lovely Triumph for sale.  It looks wonderful and I’m half tempted but decide on a chat with Tony instead.  Jim Pickering has some good news about the BMCA and following a committee meeting it appears that the BMCA will be easing things up a bit for the big Pre-Unit singles which means the Intermediate route should be viable for me.

Tony Sullivan's Triumph twin
It's for sale you know!!

After a couple of hours and a good trawl through I head home to get the 350 ready for the Cheltenham Scramble Club’s charity trial at Wainlodes in the morning.  Teflon, Pete & Dave will all be out on pre-units so I better have my wits about me!

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