Wednesday, 23 February 2011

30 Jan 11 - The TALMAG trophy trial

AAARRGGHH!!! up at 0430, drive to Cheltenham, meet Dave at Birdlip just after 0700 for the drive to the TALMAG!! I forgot the auto-route but I’m too tired to care and rely on organic RAM.  I got very little sleep last night; Northampton town centre on a Saturday is like Dodge City. 

It’s cold but a wonderful sunny day and there are lots of spectators around.  Dave and I get scrutineered, sign on then go do a spot of socialising.  I’m out on the Matchless 410 again and I’m pleased to see John Bartrum there.  He made the frame and is interested to see what Teflon has done to the bike.  He takes it for a spin and is complimentary; taking a few photos for his website. 
Check the link; There's a few pictures of the 410 on there plus a great video of Teflon on the speed section riding Dave's HT5 Ariel!

I decide to name the bike “The Townsend Matchless” in Teflon’s honour.  Rather than give Teflon cash, I buy him a Bartrum frame.  I’m on the Clubman route but on the new 410 it is a tad on the easy side.  Still, I lose concentration and get a 5 for going the wrong way plus a genuine dab.  That’s my day ruined – too many good riders out today and any penalties put you way down the results.  Still, I’m happy to finish and have met some great people.  I’m looking forward to my bed tonight!!

Result: A great trial with lots of spectators

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